Current Talent : Accounting & Finance

Financial planner and Investment Specialist
Able to build client relationships with prospective, existing brokers in person and over the telephone to generate new business. (proactive contacts and regular follow-ups) Consistently met sale contact targets and growth of relationship with advisors. Ability to work with entire sales team and with advisors in a segmented territory and a solution provider to advisors and being able to uncover their needs and present a product solution. In-depth knowledge of the structure and features of mutual funds and the competition. Proven ability to prospect and build relationships. Ability to work effectively within a close team environment. Entrepreneurial and relationship building, Client-service orientation.

Managerial & General Accounting
Extensive experience in bookkeeping, general accounting, project and job costing, and interpersonal skills acquired through self-employment. Able to learn and analyze, and to find solutions to problems and operate more effectively. Experience within multi-sized corporations in various industries and services.

A bilingual professional accountant
With vast experience in financial analysis, as well as management and strategy. Balance sheets, financial reports, dashboards KPI and project management. Excellent knowledge of complete accounting cycle, accounting and auditing principles, consolidation, costs and cost price, inventory control, budget, cash flow, variances analysis, ratios, control and performance indicators. Also PowerPoint presentations combined with Prezi. Known for ability to analyze cost control and selling prices, provide timely and high quality financial information that supports the company's goals. Exceptional team management skills, excellent problem solving and decision making skills, strong organizational abilities and attention to detail, meets deadlines, achieves objectives and results oriented.

A bilingual Accountant and Analyst
With extensive experience in manufacturing and services in various industries. Ability to bridge results from head office and operations to target business objectives. A key player who improves direct support to operations. Proven leadership and communication skills which enhanced the relationship between operations and head office.
lity to learn quickly will add significant value to any future employer.

A Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CGA)
Having extensive experience in preparation of consolidated financial statements of a large shipping company, with more than twenty subsidiaries and joint ventures, in a multi-currency environment. Vast experience in year-end audit file preparations for consolidated financial statements, involved in several functional currencies. Known as a person with determination, integrity, autonomy and sound professional judgment. Proven excellent learning and analytical abilities. Enthusiastic, hardworking, people oriented and computer literate.

Graduate in Computerized Financial Management and Business Communications
With extensive knowledge in administration and accounting. Vast experience successfully managing customer service, sales, accounting, reporting and marketing departments in a variety of industries. Self-motivated, team worker with organizational and business communication skills, detail orientation. Highly adaptable to new environments, positive, persistent, patient risk-taker who is open to new ideas. Open to contractual opportunities.