Current Talent : Specialists

A passionate senior business development professional
With a demonstrated track record of generating revenue and profits within highly competitive wholesale/retail consumer products market. Exceptional communicator, problem solver, and negotiator. Strong leadership, prospecting and presentation abilities. Adept at analyzing market intelligence in order to remain competitive. Confident decision-making in determining strategic direction with respect to market opportunities, penetration and development.

A senior scientist & analyst
With well-developed skills and vast experience in microbiology, enzymology, biotechnology and protein chemistry. Possessing Ph.D degree in food science from McGill University, looking for sales position in a pharmaceutical or medical equipment industry. This expertise will further assist in the development of analytical skills and scientific knowledge in a practical and commercial environment. The career objective is to assume a role which will take responsibility for the sale and interpretation of technical data for a well-respected and market-leading leading company.

Experienced and highly effective Associate
Quantitative Equity, fluently bilingual with over 5 years financial modeling experience. Skilled in quantitative research, analytics, risk quantification and allocation. Strong programming and numerical analysis skills for financial modeling and derivative pricing. Currently exploring uses of Artificial Intelligence in developing analytics tools for financial markets. Strong ability to multi-task, adaptive to changing market conditions and communicate effectively.

A trilingual scientific researcher & educator
And Vice-Dean - Postgraduates Studies & Scientific Research with extensive research experience in Artificial intelligence, heuristic optimization algorithms, operational research, genetic algorithms, neural networks, machine learning and deep learning. Also specializing in bioinformatics (Protein sequences alignments, hierarchical Clustering), Identification, classification, Fisher information, medical images segmentation, data analysis, and pattern recognition. Published 30 articles in international scientific journals, supervised and evaluated above 20 graduation projects mainly Masters and PhDs, and peer reviewed scientific publications for International Journals.

Bilingual international trained anesthesioligist
With intensive & respiratory care, management, teaching, training of rescue teams, administration & quality control in hospitals, as well as an expertse as a manager in the retail and service industry, I bring to my employer exceptional skills, customer service relations & attention to detail that one can acquire with years of experience.

Tri-lingual Specialist
Graduate from Concordia University in Biochemistry, undergraduate from Concordia University in Cell and Molecular Biology, with years’ TA working, enhanced experience of bio/biochemistry lab, and rich experience in R & D department of a GMP pharmaceutical company. Quick learner, persevering, optimistic, and passionate for science.

Dynamic Multi-Disciplinary Sr Business Leader
Inspiring a culture of innovation and growth with an enterprise wide mindset. International Experience in Sales & Operations, Risk Management, Real Estate, Compliance, Loss Prevention and Customer-Centric Service. Trusted and Caring Leader who removes silos and creates a Performance Culture in a Fast Paced, Multi-Unit Environment on a Global Scale. Has the ability to provide succinct macro level overviews, yet influential stories and defines and articulates Innovative Goals and Strategies. Trained in Continuous Improvement, is a leader in Operations Excellence with a strong business acumen and has the ability to engage and mobilize teams at all levels to transform vision into results.

Excellent technical, analytical and computer skills
Trilingual Professional (French, English and Spanish) with more than 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries with solid knowledge in sales, marketing, institutional relations, government affairs and expertise for market access in Canada and South America. My main skills are portfolio management, new product launches, leadership, operational coaching, analytical and strategic thinking, change management and operational excellence. Results-oriented and teamwork in order to do a better job every day and to demonstrate that knowledge, coupled with a positive attitude, is the key to success in organizations.

Excellent technical, analytical and computer skills
A trilingual training professional in information technology and management with proven background on seminar animation, documentation edition, pedagogical systems design and customer satisfaction. Positive and approachable personality, conducive to developing and building trusting and cooperative relationships, with a leadership style that encourages participation and involvement. Project manager skilled at meeting deadlines within budget, with the ability to work in an environment that requires discipline, rigor and a respect for standards and procedures.

A PhD with vast experience in protein chemistry and characterization
Including Analytical Ultracentrifugation, Circular Dichroism, NMR, RP-HPLC, IEC, HIC, ITC and fluorescence polarization. Expertise in complex data processing/analysis utilizing extensive knowledge base and varied methods. Examples include analysis of NMR and spectroscopic data as well as molecular simulation programs. Extensive experience working with cross-functional scientific and research groups. Strong communication skills in working and collaboration with diverse scientific teams.

Bilingual training and development specialist
With strong listening skills, analytical professional with exceptional customer service knowledge. As well as proven ability to learn quickly. Known as a dedicated and empathetic person who easily develops and nurtures long-term relationships. Recognized as highly efficient, organized and resourceful with a clear vision for how to reach objectives. Regarded as an excellent and patient workshop and webinar facilitator, internal and external clients seek her out when in need of explanations regarding processes or new tools.

Dedicated performance and learning manager
With a background in the pharmaceutical industry. Worked with numerous multidisciplinary teams, subject matter experts, and vendors, to analyze, design, develop, and implement the most appropriate learning solutions, using recognized adult learning principles and models. Facilitated multitude of face-to-face sessions with small and large audiences, as well as online sessions. Always have at heart to evaluate the outcomes of the deployed solutions. In a project management role, draw on a highly analytical mindset. In a coaching role, able to focus on sharp observational skills and experience to recognize unique qualities in individuals and the collective contribution of efforts, to reach success. A lifelong learner with a passion with how people learn and perform.

Experienced expository teacher and mentor dedicated to the development of people
A gifted visionary and empowering leader who manages and motivates people for lay leadership and ministry. An effective and enthusiastic communicator, with key team development skills. A collaborative leader who manages and motivates people at all levels. An entrepreneurial thinker with outstanding customer relationship skills, judgment and integrity.

Bilingual public relations and communications professional
With experience in the non-profit and business sectors. Specialize in developing creative, integrated, strategic communications plans and in organizing highly effective media relations campaigns designed to enhance brand awareness and reputation. Practiced diplomat and team leader able to provide coaching and guidance to effectively and efficiently execute communications campaigns on time and on budget. Areas of expertise: internal communications, media relations, social media, publications, video production, storytelling and event planning.