Current Talent : Specialists

A PhD with vast experience in protein chemistry and characterization
Including Analytical Ultracentrifugation, Circular Dichroism, NMR, RP-HPLC, IEC, HIC, ITC and fluorescence polarization. Expertise in complex data processing/analysis utilizing extensive knowledge base and varied methods. Examples include analysis of NMR and spectroscopic data as well as molecular simulation programs. Extensive experience working with cross-functional scientific and research groups. Strong communication skills in working and collaboration with diverse scientific teams.

Bilingual training and development specialist
With strong listening skills, analytical professional with exceptional customer service knowledge. As well as proven ability to learn quickly. Known as a dedicated and empathetic person who easily develops and nurtures long-term relationships. Recognized as highly efficient, organized and resourceful with a clear vision for how to reach objectives. Regarded as an excellent and patient workshop and webinar facilitator, internal and external clients seek her out when in need of explanations regarding processes or new tools.

Dedicated performance and learning manager
With a background in the pharmaceutical industry. Worked with numerous multidisciplinary teams, subject matter experts, and vendors, to analyze, design, develop, and implement the most appropriate learning solutions, using recognized adult learning principles and models. Facilitated multitude of face-to-face sessions with small and large audiences, as well as online sessions. Always have at heart to evaluate the outcomes of the deployed solutions. In a project management role, draw on a highly analytical mindset. In a coaching role, able to focus on sharp observational skills and experience to recognize unique qualities in individuals and the collective contribution of efforts, to reach success. A lifelong learner with a passion with how people learn and perform.

Experienced expository teacher and mentor dedicated to the development of people
A gifted visionary and empowering leader who manages and motivates people for lay leadership and ministry. An effective and enthusiastic communicator, with key team development skills. A collaborative leader who manages and motivates people at all levels. An entrepreneurial thinker with outstanding customer relationship skills, judgment and integrity.

Chemist, Ph. D.
With multiple years of laboratory and managerial experience in medicinal chemistry, formulation, drug delivery systems, chemical analysis and bioassays.

IT Specialist
With extensive experience in database migrations, including MRP and ERP, design, development, SQL and operating system scripts. An abstract thinker who sees all facets of a problem to generate effective, innovative, and elegant solutions. Provides outstanding technical support. Recognized skills in business transaction processing and various languages. Brings projects to completion rapidly and accurately, minimizing the need for support.

Bilingual public relations and communications professional
With experience in the non-profit and business sectors. Specialize in developing creative, integrated, strategic communications plans and in organizing highly effective media relations campaigns designed to enhance brand awareness and reputation. Practiced diplomat and team leader able to provide coaching and guidance to effectively and efficiently execute communications campaigns on time and on budget. Areas of expertise: internal communications, media relations, social media, publications, video production, storytelling and event planning.

Bilingual specialist
In film direction and production, television and audiovisual corporate communication. Good experience in outdoor and on location multi-camera shootings. Multi-disciplinary academic training and deep knowledge of the different production stages from conception, direction, project management until final approval. Strong interpersonal skills, with an ability to manage different types of crew, keeping harmonious relations between cast, creators and technicians. Able to simultaneously manage various projects and tight schedules. Shares his experience as professor at the collegial and university levels in the fields of screenwriting and television production.

A quality management professional in Quality Control, Quality assurance, Quality Audit
A quality management professional in Quality Control, Quality assurance, Quality Audit with more than 15 years experienced in the food industry. Proficient in reviewing, maintaining and monitoring quality programs, highly competent in quality control documentation. Supervised and managed quality systems in workplace environment. Succeed to achieve all aspect for quality and safety certificate for food industry. Skilled performs quality control tests, inspection, audits to ensure customer specifications are met. Ability to prioritize work and multi-task, detailed oriented and organized.

PhD in biochemistry
Bilingual, experienced and specialized in molecular biology, in protein biochemistry and preclinical research. Strong experience in chromatography, cell culture and animal experimentation with GLP standards. Holds a solid background in mineralized tissue biology and on biomaterials. Demonstrates enthusiasm and determination. Focused on quality, rigour and scientific excellence. Curious, versatile and competitive, looking for success and recognition. Recognized for his autonomy, team spirit and good humor.

Results and business oriented Doctor of Medicine
With experience in medical affairs and clinical research. Exemplary builder of relationships with opinion leaders, healthcare professionals and patient organizations to support sales/marketing and business development strategies and tactics. Close collaborator with marketing and business development providing medical and scientific analysis and support to evaluate new therapeutic areas and products. Well recognized for excellent interpersonal skills; innovative, dynamic, proactive, decisive leader with effective ability to motivate team members focused on achieving results. Trilingual: English, French and Spanish.

Project Lead on Shuttle/Mir and NASA/Mir space programs
Blended experience in software engineering and manned space mission design/planning/integration/support on three space programs including twenty years on the International Space Station (ISS) program. Proven track record on international research collaboration including US/Canada/Russia efforts on bridging Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) to mobile healthcare delivery for ISS crew and space exploration missions. Extensive knowledge of government procedures, industry standards and specifications for system design, analysis, and test. Solid experience and skills in identifying and writing software requirements, back-end software development, verification, validation, and certification. Proficiency in database design and development. NASA Emeritus docent at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. AIAA Senior Member. Certified by Public Service Commission of Canada for bilingual (English/French) government positions. Fluent in Russian.

A bilingual professional gemologist and evaluator
With extensive experience in gems and jewelry sales, design and evaluation. Highly motivated, goal oriented with successful business background and ability to work positively in public and perform an exceptional level of customer service. Known as a team leader with strong problem solving and multi-tasking skills set, combined with organized and detailed-oriented abilities.

Experienced business lawyer
With broad experience as in-house counsel and corporate secretary with publicly-traded and privately-owned companies. Capability of building strong partnership with senior management through active support of decision making and participation in strategic planning. Extensive hands-on working experience with multidisciplinary teams in a multicultural environment. Demonstrated strengths at drafting, reviewing and negotiating complex agreements and handling a broad range of legal matters in the fields of commercial and corporate law, compliance and litigation. Pragmatic and result-oriented approach. Excellent communication and negotiation skills. Fully bilingual in French and English.

Bilingual applied mathematician
With experience in the field of computational fluid dynamics, mesh generation and adaptation and computational geometry. Direct experience with CFD analysis in industrial and aerodynamics. A critical thinker with strong analytical and organizational skills. Gets along well with people at all levels and seeks out new responsibilities irrespective of reward and recognition. Specialty in Fluid mechanics, Aerodynamics, Numerical methods, Programming C, Python, Industrial Aerodynamics, Mesh adaptation and generation, Automatic validation for CFD codes, Physics, Applied Mathematics.

Bilingual manager
With over fifteen years’ experience in the public health sector, as well as in private organisations supervising multiple sites; responsible for managers, unionized and non-unionized groups. Recognised for operational outcomes as well as for the high quality of services offered to clients; identifies new client opportunities, leads start-ups and the restructuring of services in the health sector. Demonstrates ease in delivering presentations for business plans, proposals to the board of directors, as well as implementing clinical protocols, screening tools and educational material promoting heart health, kidney protection, and diabetes management.

Multilingual professional
With background in research and communications in environment, agriculture, forestry and other domains. Experience in research planning, management and execution, including collaborative work with university, government and private sectors, and facilitating communication between scientists, practitioners and the public. International experience. Highly self-motivated; can work well under my own direction and as part of a team. Adaptable, curious, willing to learn; enjoy working in multicultural and multidisciplinary milieus.