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The Team

Our team of experienced counselors know the ins-and-outs of today's job market and are ready to help you get back on your feet!

Assia Senouci

Executive Director

For over 20 years, Mrs. Senouci has managed Research and Development Teams in top high-tech companies where she led the R&D department to bring new software products to the market. She has managed with success multidisciplinary groups and projects in various industries including transportation, medical and telecommunication. Like all our staff, she has joined Executives Available to give back to her community, to add her experience to the rest of the team to increase our members chances at succeeding in their carrier transition and keeping their employments.

Pauline Nghiem

Employment Search Counselor

Ms. Nghiem is a multidisciplinary Senior Manager with extensive experience in IT Project Management, Change Management, and Process Improvement. She held numerous Senior Management positions in diverse domains such as transportation, aerospace, banking & insurance before devoting her time to project management coaching (beginners or newcomers) within the mentoring program in PMI (Project Management Institute) and as a career coach.

John Buki

Employment Search Counselor

Mr. Buki has extensive experience at the Senior Management level in the Canadian and American Retail Sales & Operations industry. The organizations include Walmart International, Winners-Home Sense, and the T. Eaton Company in Canada. Furthermore, he has experience in executive recruitment. His counselling and coaching specialties are: developing effective communication and listening skills and preparing Senior & Professional management documentation & Interview skills. A motivator, results-oriented, Mr. Buki can assist our members in achieving their desired career objectives.

Marian Grippa

Communication and Administration Assistant

Ms. Grippa has more than two years of experience in communication, administration and technical support to members of Executives Available. Graduated in 2019 from Concordia University with a bachelor's degree in political science and a specialization in social studies. By her nature of helping others, she joined the team as a Communications and Administration assistant.

Richard Courville

Employment Search Counselor

Mr. Courville has an extensive experience in the business and finance world acquired during a long career at the national and international scene, in finance and technology. His experience as an entrepreneur and CEO gave him the ability to know the challenges and constraints aging professionals face during their career transition. Besides, having worked on large scale projects of corporate financing made him knowledgeable of the needs and limitations of companies finding the right talent to fulfill the requirements of their projects. Thus, bridging the gap between the needs of businesses and those of our candidates is at the heart of his concerns. His invaluable advice helps our members to better prepare and to succeed in their career transition.

Guy Belliveau

Employment Search Counselor

Mr. Belliveau has extensive experience in the Sales and Marketing of technology products, namely medical devices, telecommunications, call center technologies, speech analytics, and IT. His knowledge of public and private sector workflows and his ability to create long-term relationships with organizations make him an ideal counsellor in helping our candidates find new opportunities and better prepare and market their expertise. His knowledge of the challenges facing older professionals, having transitioned himself, made him a key counsellor in advising our members for a successful transition.

Marina Frankel

Administration Coordinator

Mrs. Frankel has a vast experience in Administrative Support and Customer Service. She is compassionate and understanding of the reality senior professionals face during their career transition and in particular professional immigrants, having worked herself abroad in journalism and administration. She is an active member of our community, performing volunteering work with various non-profit organizations and participating in different activities and social events. Mrs. Frankel holds an BA in Communications and Journalism and speaks three languages, French, English and Spanish.