EA Pioneers

Our Pioneers

Father Thomas Daniel McEntee

Founder (1977)

Father T. D. McEntee (1924-2008) was a Canadian priest of Irish descent who made many impactful contributions to the Montreal Community. He acted as a historian of Griffintown, as founder of EA-CD, and as leader in the Irish community.

M. Victor Cartier

Executive Director (1998-2011)

Victor Chartier (1934-2016) Victor Chartier (1934-2016) served over 50 years with the Black Watch of Canada. He was a previous EA member, but found employment after two weeks. After retiring, he volunteered at EA and eventually became its director in 1998.

M. Larry Riley

Directeur Exécutif (2011-2018)

Larry Riley, has worked over 25 years in professional sports and the pharmaceutical industry as senior operations manager. A career counsellor at EA-CD from 2003-2011 and then Executive Director from 2011-2018. He has since retired but continues to serve as a board member.

Paying Tributes

Extreme gratitude to

Mr. Martin Geoffrey Shaw (1935-2020)

Career Counsellor (1994-2020)

Marty was an outstanding professional, a most helpful colleague and the most pleasant to work with. Kind, and always ready to help. Generous, helpful and full of joy. He had a sense of humor and an infectious smile. He leaves those who crosse his path with a mark of hope and confidence in life. The laughter of the members, when he facilitates a workshop, still resonates on the walls of our offices. Marty had a full life and career, starting out working for Ville Marie Social Services, following his graduation with a bachelor's degree from St. Francis Xavier University (StFX). Then, entrepreneur and businessman who has successfully managed the placement agency, The 500 Selection Services for more than 20 years. At 60, and following his retirement, he devoted all of his time for another 24 years, helping our members find meaningful employment. He left us in September 2020 and left behind a void difficult to fill. He will always be missed ...

Mrs. Frances Rout

Administrative Coordinator (2004-2021)

Frances Rout was a valuable colleague and a charming lady who knew how to help our members connect with opportunities. She was at the center of our operations for seventeen years. She has joined us following the closer of her business in publishing, where she managed it successfully for many years. Since she joined Executives Available, she knew how to take part of the successful process of our members career transition. She knew how to convince the most skeptic to join our big family and get the right help. Her university studies in psychology made her very compassionate and understanding of our members in their most difficult times. She had witnessed the success of our members with pride and satisfaction. Frances retired from our services May 31, 2021.

Thank you Frances.

Celebrating 40 Years

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